169. INGLOT, Zofia, living at Wola Komborska, near Krosno
Shot in October 1943 by the SS for sheltering two Jews; also shot were Janina Kwolek, Jozef and Katarzyna Prejzner - both sheltered Jews (see: 319, 481-482).

170. IRZEK, Julia, living in Lvov (city incorporated into the Soviet Ukraine)
Got a death sentence from the Sondergericht (a special court) for helping Jews. The commander of the SS and the Galician district police issued the public notice on Dec. 14, 1943.

171. IWANSKI, Roman, living in Warsaw
As a soldier of the AK he fought together with members of the Jewish Military Organization (ZZW) during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and was shot on Apr. 27, 1943, on Muranowski Square. He died soon after.

172. IWANSKI, Zbigniew, living in Warsaw
As a member of the AK he fought against the German troops on Karmelicka Street and perished on May 3, 1943, while leading out fifteen (15) Jews from the burning Ghetto.

173. IZDEBSKI, Mieczyslaw, 28, farmer from Zienki, near Wlodawa, Lublin prov.
He was murdered in the spring of 1943, together with the Kupersztok family of five (5) people: Nata, her husband and three children, aged 10-18. Neighbors saved the 3 years old daughter of Izdebski.